Finally getting around to posting some pictures from my trip to Ohio. I’m sure you’ll remember this adorable little girl from this previous session http://wp.me/s1zIsD-carmella   I always love when I go back home and get to take pictures of my friends and their kids. I love seeing all the new things they are into and how much they have grown. We ran a lot for these pictures:) She loved to run and check out everything around her. I love this age when they just can’t get enough! Carmella is such a beautiful little girl and her mom at the time of these pictures was 9 months pregnant. She just had a sweet baby boy on Wednesday named Peyton! Congrats you guys and I can’t wait to meet him and give him a big hug and kiss. Love ya xoxo

She is such a happy girl!


Carmella you have gorgeous eyes!

We were on the run a lot!

Carmella you look just like your beautiful mommy!


Sandy you’re such a wonderful mom!

Love the long lashes!

What’s over there?

Oh geese, these curls!!!!! I love them!!


So much fun!

Sandy you looked so beautiful 9 months pregnant!

Uh oh…

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